If you've ever attended the Bead & Button Show, held June 2-9, 2019 in Milwaukee, WI, USA, you'll understand the anticipation for the class registration.  Opening on January 8, 2019, hundreds of classes are available over 8 days and taught by top designers, master classes are available in all mediums, and many opportunitites to shop for beads, patterns, kits and supplies throughout the show, culminating in 4 full expo center shopping days!


I'm teaching 4 bead crochet classes - actually 3 bead crochet classes and 1 crochet class!  The image here shows my class projects, and the show interface is super easy - just search on my name and all my classes pull up for easy registration.  Go to http://www.beadandbuttonshow.com to see the program, hotel and travel info, shopping opportunities (there are many) and browse all the classes!

Click HERE for the direct link to my classes